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Minecraft heads

Explore our database of Minecraft heads to decorate your world, or generate your own give command. Player heads show the current skin worn by a user, and can change as the user updates their skin. Custom heads are linked to the Mojang skin file and never change. Custom heads must be summoned using a command block as the command is very long.

Minecraft Player Head
Player heads keyboard_arrow_right

person 53 heads · All Minecraft versions

Player heads use the current skin texture of a Minecraft player. As they are username based, when the player changes their name or skin, the head changes.

Minecraft Player Head
Custom heads keyboard_arrow_right

person 1 head · Minecraft 1.8 or later

Custom heads use the direct path to the texture file on the Mojang servers. Hence textures will never be deleted and the heads never change.

Generate a new player head

You can easily create a player head. Simply enter the fields and you can paste the generated commands in game.

Head render

Give commands for:

MHF_Steve's head
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